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A MIDI guitar controller needs to feel and play like an actual guitar. And that's exactly why the jamstik has real strings & frets. We made sure that any musician using jamstik would be able to bend strings and apply vibrato to create truly authentic-sounding guitar music while in a MIDI setting. Not only will you enjoy the portability of having a MIDI guitar that's just over 41 cm and under 1 kg, but we think you're going to love being able to jam wherever you can establish a connection to your iPad. There's no need for special cables, dongles or doo-dads. The jamstik wirelessly connects. Tapping into your creative side shouldn't require a van full of gear anymore. With jamstik, you can start writing and playing whenever inspiration hits - whether you're on the plane, in a train, on a bus or in the comfort of your own home recording studio. Includes USB charging cable, adjustable guitar strap, rechargeable battery, and 2 guitar picks. Dimensions: 41,6 x 8,8 x 4,5 cm. Weight: 0,86 kg. Így is ismerheti: JamstikPlus
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